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No Gas. No Parking. No Sweat.

  • It's a bird! It's a plane! No...it's an ebike!

As seen in the Seattle Times, RV Life, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and on The Today Show!

Never Buy Gas Again. Electric bikes plug into the wall and are fully charged within 4-6 hours. (Standard. Custom batteries are available that can be fully charged within 30 minutes.)

Never Pay For Parking Again. Electric bikes are legal bicycles. Sidewalk-legal, bike lane legal. Don't waste time looking for a parking spot--in Seattle or anywhere else!--or waste money paying Seattle condo parking rates. Chain up your electric bike and forget about it--or just bring it inside with you. Green electric power = no messy engine.

No Sweat. You don't have to pedal our electric bikes one stroke more than you want to. Not now, not ever. An intuitive throttle propels you along at 20mph without pedaling--and a standard battery carries you for a minimum of 20 miles. We can and will build an electric bike that will tackle every hill in your commute--even in Seattle--and you can arrive fresh at work! Want to pedal? You'll go even farther and faster than you ever dreamed.

No one ever says: "You know what I want to spend MORE time doing? Sitting in traffic."

We've spent six years being Seattle's most trusted shop for industrial electric bikes--and providing green taxi service to the masses. Now we want to offer our green transportation solutions to everyone! Contact us for a free consultation. We’re here to put you on the right bike. If it’s in our showroom, we'll walk it out for you. If it’s already in your garage, we’ll convert it. If it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it for you! We are happy to discuss fleet sales and service contracts. Call us at 206-707-9394.

Come ride with us! We are open Thursday through Sunday, noon-7 pm, or by appointment. Also, follow in our bike paths on Facebook and Twitter. Or just Contact Us.

  1. Pedego 2015 Step Through Interceptor 24 Inch Frame
  2. PEDEGO Step Thru Comfort Cruiser II Coral/Teal
  3. Pedego Interceptor

    Pedego Interceptor

    Color Availability
    4 colors available
  4. Pedego City Commuter

    Pedego City Commuter

    Color Availability
    2 colors available
  5. PEDEGO Comfort Cruiser

    PEDEGO Comfort Cruiser

    Color Availability
    12 colors available
  6. PEDEGO Trail Tracker

    PEDEGO Trail Tracker

    Color Availability
    4 colors available
  7. Electro Joe Electric Cargo Bicycle
  8. Multi Brightness Cycle Lumenator
  9. Cycle Lumenator

    Cycle Lumenator

    Price :
  10. PEDEGO Electric Bicycle Classic Cruiser Black/Black
  11. Pedego Blue Comfort Cruiser Classic Electric Bike with Blue Rims and Black BalloonTires
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